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What does it mean to be part of Real Madrid?"
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mission 1- Complete 
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Believe it or not: you don’t choose your favorite team, they choose you.

uefa: managers have to wear suits during champions league matches
josé mourinho: *wears tracksuit*

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The Mentalist - Patrick Jane - Teresa Lisbon

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سوره الملك المنجيه من عذاب القبر ، لا تنسوا قرائتها قبل النوم

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 Players Wiki : 3- Mesut Ozil

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"ولأنّها شرقية؛ لا تستغرب إن قتلها الحنين و لم تأتيك"

And because she’s an Eastern; don’t wonder if nostalgia killed her and she hasn’t come back to you.

قتلها الحنين 

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Rafael Nadal + smiles